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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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5 Secrets of a Gracious Bride

Spare me the drama

Dramatic brides are fun to watch on TV, but rarely fun to deal with in real life. Being a high-maintenance, spit-fire bride makes for a ton of animosity and unpleasant experiences during the wedding planning period and during the wedding itself. It can also lead to strained relationships post wedding, which bites the big one. Brides that feel entitled to “have it their way” should go to Burger King and not be unjustifiably demanding on others.

So let’s put aside our A-type personality, assertive selves and instead focus on being a more gracious person. Here are five ways brides can practice their graciousness:

1. Lower Your Expectations

The biggest problem leading to drama is high expectations. If you expect everything to go perfectly, Murphy’s law saws something will surely go awry. Unwind yourself and lower your expectations. Expect it to rain on your big day and be surprised if the weather is beautiful. Expect 2 people to show up to your bridal shower and be overwhelmed when 10 people do.

2. Practice Positive Emotions

Wedding planning and the wedding itself is an emotional time. High pressure and tight time frames contribute to stress, highlighting our emotions even more. It’s important that we actively practice positive emotions and banish negative emotions during this time. If you get yourself in the habit of thinking of the glass half full, you’ll see a huge change in your attitiude and the attitudes of those around you toward you.

3. Smile

Fake it to you make it, baby. If you’re struggling to practice those positive emotions, just remember to smile no matter what – and no, grimaces don’t count. If you continue to smile, your brain and emotional state will follow suit. So smile not only because you should, but smile because you can.

4. Be Polite

This starts with “please” and “thank you” and ends with polite behaviors. Take out your best book of manners, review the material, and practice it during your wedding planning and events.

5. Look Past Flaws, Focus On Positive

Some people just get under your skin. Their mannerisms, the way they speak, their general presence. Typically, if you really don’t like the person, they shouldn’t be at your wedding events. However, if you do like the person but find that you get annoyed with them easily, look past their flaws (that irk you up a wall) and focus on their positive attributes. Remind yourself of why you love them and the positive things they do for you. Always be kind and be thankful for them.

Being gracious will create lasting memories on your family, friends, and guests resulting in stronger bonds that will fortify your relationships. Post-wedding support is crucial in sustaining a beautiful and healthy marriage. After all, that is the point of the entire celebration.

How else can a bride practice graciousness? Share your opinion in the comments.

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