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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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5 Questions To Ask Wedding Vendor References

Picking the right wedding vendors is crucial to having a beautiful wedding day. After you speak with a wedding vendor for the first time, you should ask the vendor to provide 2-3 references along with their contact information. References will help you understand the work ethic of the wedding vendor you may hire. Generally speaking, the way that a vendor performs in the past is a good indicator of how they perform in the future. Although they can improve over time, if they have a glaring problem, it’ll come out by asking a few people who have worked with that vendor before.

We’ve all been through the hiring process before. We know that at the end of a good interview, a potential employer will ask us to provide 3 references. Hiring a wedding vendor is no different – except this time, you get to play the role of the potential employer before you sign the contract.

Considering you may have never been in this role before, you may have to do some research on reference check questions. There are plenty of reference check questions on the Internet to help guide your conversation. To get you started, here are five crucial questions to ask wedding vendor references:


  • When did you hire [insert vendor name]? If it was too long ago (more than a few years), you may want to ask the vendor for a more recent reference.
  • Can you speak to [insert vendor name]’s strong and weak points? Where did they provide you the most value? Where do you think they need to improve? References will try to keep things as hunky-dory as possible – after all, they wouldn’t be a reference if they didn’t adore the vendor to begin with. It’s important that you understand where the weak points as well as the strong points are for this vendor. No vendor will be perfect, so it’s a matter of understanding the weaker points in addition to the strong ones.
  • How did [insert vendor name] handle conflict? Stress? Pressure? Inevitably, one of these three horsemen of the wed-pocolypse (conflict, stress, pressure) will have an opportunity to be a guest at your wedding. Understanding how the vendor helped the bridal couple to keep calm and carry on in the past will translate into the future value for you.
  • What was [insert vendor name]’s biggest accomplishment while working at your wedding? What will you most remember them for? It’s important to understand if the vendor was in the foreground or the background during the wedding. You want to ensure the vision you have for this vendor correlates to what they actually do.
  • Is there anything I haven’t asked that you would like to share with me? Gotta love this catch all question that allows them to share anything else you may think is important.


Picture Source: Savvy SugarRemember that references will be hand selected by the vendor because that client had an exceptionally positive experience with the vendor. As such, you should ask tough questions about the vendors performance and ask for specifics where possible.

What other questions are crucial to ask a wedding vendor?

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