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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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5 great ways to use Google’s free wedding software

Google bride and groom kissing

Many business-savvy brides use online planning software to help organize thoughts and plans for the big day. From guest lists to inspiration boards, The Knot, Wedding Wire, and even local wedding planning tools like LI Weddings or Atlanta Weddings have an incredible array of tools that every bride can use. But there is one underused but very valuable planning tools software package that every business-savvy bride should consider: Google’s Wedding Tools

Where Google Weddings is lacking in vivid imagery, it is fabulous because it is simple. The Knot, while beautiful, gives me a virtual version of the “what was I looking for again?” feeling. Brides can get lost in the labyrinth of online tools, suggestions, and pictures. Busy wedding websites makes brides less productive. 

Google Weddings is also fabulous because its accessible on computers as it is on smart phones. There are some wedding planning apps available for Smart Phones like Wedding Happy and Wedding Plandroid. However, these apps simply can not trump Google Weddings‘ easy of use by both the computer and smart phone simultaneously.

Here are five things you can do with Google Wedding planning software:

  1. Design your wedding website. Google’s primary advantage is that it’s simple, innovative, and Google designers are masters of website design. Using their tools to design your website will give you something easy and fun to work with.
  2. Use the Google wedding budget. Google docs are easy and accessible. Google has a budget template, allows you to share your budget with others, and stores your information in “the cloud” which is the spiffy way of saying that you can get your information from any computer or smart phone. Simply clicking on “use this template” allows you to get started. The MBA Bride wedding budget template was designed in a similar Google budget doc.
  3. Collect mailing addresses. The google address book allows your tech-savvy friends and family to construct your wedding guest address list. Instead of sending emails or calling guests one by one and transcribing responses, business-savvy brides get efficient. Simply send one email to guests asking them to fill out a form, then monitor the inputs. So easy and it saves so much time for you!
  4. Seating charts done easy. Long gone are the days where we take toothpicks with flags containing people’s names and stick them into a styrofoam board with circles on it. Google’s template for seating arrangements make it uber easy for brides and grooms to work on the seating arrangements from anywhere. And if you’re far from other bridal influencers who have a say in seating arrangements, you can easily share this document back forth.
  5. Let guests influence the music. Use a google doc to let your guests select music to play (or not play) at your wedding. Simply add a separate tab to your wedding website where guests can link to the google doc. Naturally, you, as the bride, have the ultimate veto power, but its kind of you to consider the taste of your guests. It might even be enlightening.

Your options for wedding planning software are abundant. For business-savvy brides who are looking for efficiency and effectiveness, Google may be the best choice out there.

Do you use wedding planning software? If so, share which software package you use and what you like about it.

Image source: Google Weddings

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