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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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5 Business Savvy Steps When Engaged

Congratulations to all the new brides to be out there. Facebook post after Facebook post shows many future brides were gifted with an engagement ring this holiday season – and let the wedding planning commence! 

If you’re newly engaged or have been engaged and missed the beginning steps, here are five things you can do right away to get you started on the right foot for a business savvy approach to wedding planning:

First , keep your eye on the e-ring

It sparkles, it shines, and you adore it. The worst thing that can happen is that you lose the most expensive and delightful gift you’ve ever received – your engagement ring. Time after time, we hear stories of brides who have been absent-minded and misplaced their e-rings. Take some time to help ensure that you don’t lose your ring by follow three steps for protecting the bling: get it re-sized, vow to not take it off in public, and invest in a ring container.

Next, get thank you cards

Before you know it, letters of congratulations and well wishes will begin pouring into your mailbox. Mindy Weiss, a celebrity wedding planner, strongly suggests that her brides pick up thank you cards to write in return to the well wishes that will come your way. Not only does it show appreciation, but it shows proper (and sometimes long lost) etiquette on your part. Don’t forget to pick up stamps too.

Then, keep track of those return addresses

As you start to receive cards of adoration, praise, and congrats, write down the return address of those people sending you cards. You’ll probably end up adding some (if not most) of them to your guest list. Take it from me, collecting addresses is one of the more tedious tasks to wedding planning. Anything you can do to minimize your phone calls/emails/facebook messages begging for addresses will help you in the longer run.

After, brush up on bridal etiquette

Do you know in the south, there are actual etiquette schools where children are taught how to behave? It would be amazing if someone offered an etiquette school for brides to be, but we must rely on our own ability to look, listen, and learn about bridal etiquette. Aside from observing and talking with women who are now married, you can read about wedding etiquette in books such as Essential Guide to Wedding Etiquette by Sharon Naylor.

Lastly, find your bridal identity

With so many options ahead of you, the celebration options seem endless. Does that excite you or does that overwhelm you? It overwhelmed me and took me a while to figure out what it was that I wanted. To help you find your bridal identity, start looking for sources of inspiration like online subscriptions (The Knot, Wedding Wire), surfing wedding inspired websites (Etsy Weddings) and connecting with married family members and friends by listening to their wedding stories and looking through their albums.

Before you swan dive into a planning frenzy, be sure to relish every moment of your engagement. This is a very short time in your life that you will never get back – so be sure to show your respect and appreciation for your engagement every day.

Share below what type of thank you cards you’re buying for your guests.

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