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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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5 business-savvy questions to ask when booking a hotel room block for your wedding

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Hotel room blocks are another tedious item to be checked off of the massive to do list for brides-to-be. But, making sure a local hotel sets aside rooms for your wedding guests shows consideration and kindness. It’s not all altruistic, though: securing a hotel block limits the amount of “where to stay” questions from guests, be it by phone, email, or Facebook message.

Since business-savvy brides-to-be are all about increasing our efficiency and effectiveness, it’s worth examining some best practices for creating a wedding hotel room block.

Here are five questions that every business-savvy bride should ask when calling about hotel room blocks:

  1. Who can I speak to about a hotel room block? The sales manager is primarily the individual who will help you in making a contract. Naturally, your next question should be “when is the sales manager available?” Most are in the office Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Although it is not convenient for business-savvy brides who work from 9-5 themselves, talking to the head honcho ensures you get the most accurate information the first time.
  2. Do I need a contract? For larger blocks of rooms, the sales manager will want to draft a contract with you clearly outlining the dates, room rates, and further details. You should treat this contract like any other wedding vendor contract and read over the details closely. Something you want to avoid is a an attrition clause, which makes you pay for rooms not used.
  3. Can you give my guests a discount? One critical element of effective negotiations is simply asking nicely for what you want. The worst the sales manager can say is “No.” So why not ask?
  4. Is there a benefit to my guests if I sign up for your loyalty program? Some hotels may be motivated to sign as many people up for their loyalty program as possible and may offer perks to individuals who sign up. Explore what this option may be with your individual sales manager.
  5. How does the reservation process work for my guests? Providing your guests with a detailed step-by-step on how to make a hotel reservation removes ambiguity and anxiety from the reservation process. Ask the manager to provide you with details on how to make the reservation along with phone numbers, group codes, or any other required details for a successful reservation.

Using the five questions, business-savvy brides will make sure they get complete information to ensure a smooth reservation process for out of town guests and to limit the amount of questions they receive about overnight accommodations for their wedding guests.

Is there a crucial question missing from this list? Share in the comments below.

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