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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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4 ways a bride can justify big wedding costs

Justify Wedding SplurgesNeed help justifying the price of expensive items for your wedding? A friend of mine came to me showing me the cutest shoes she wants for her big day, but couldn’t see spending so much money. I felt the same way when my mother suggested I buy a Swarovski set for my bridal jewelry. Many times in the wedding planning process, we struggle to justify costs.

But there is logic to justifying big expenditures. Post-purchase rationalization occurs after someone buys something on impulse, but us business-savvy brides need to employ pre-purchase rationalization to get us to the point of feeling comfortable with big ticket items for our wedding.

Here are four ways for you to justify your hefty cost expenditures:

  1. Investment piece. My Maid Of Honor (MOH) always says, “consider it an investment into your future.” MOH insists that as adults, we should be investing into things that we will carry well into our future, share with our grandchildren, and even pass down to future generations. She’s all about investing in it now for the long haul.
  2. Once in a lifetime. It’s not everyday that you get married – in fact, it’s once in a lifetime. Use the “one-time only” methodology to get you over the cost hump. and help yourself justify costs by making it OK to splurge this one time – your time to shine.
  3. Conservatism elsewhere. If you eliminated a cost item from your budget, you have two options: #1 just save the $ or #2 spread the wealth elsewhere. I did just that when I eliminated limos from my budget and splurged a bit more on that fantastic photographer. Don’t hesitate to spread the funds to other categories for a ‘lil splurge.
  4. Wearability. As an MBA student, I adore the cost per use model, which basically says the following: the cost per use is the price of an item divided by the amount of times you estimate you will use the item. This is a great way to justify a hefty purchase, especially if the quality/aesthetics will be higher than an alternative. This would be perfect for my friend considering those adorable pink shoes, which will last her a while and be super cute with many other outfits.

These four ways will help any business and budget-savvy brides rationalize the heavier costs associated with a wedding.

What else do you do to justify wedding costs – especially for the big ticket items?

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