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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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3 Steps to personalizing a bridal shower

The best kind of bridal shower is a personalized one. At least, that’s what Lauren Cohen wrote in her article, Personalization is your best bet when it comes to a bride’s shower. After successfully planning my best friend’s shower, I can attest to the truth of personalization works best.

So how do you plan a personalized shower? Use this structured approach to get you started:

Customized napkins counting down until the wedding

1. Pick a theme. Focusing on what the bride-to likes best, choose a theme that is all about her. Sharon Naylor, wedding author, suggests focusing on something like her favorite book or some of her favorite interests. For my best friend’s shower, we chose to stay consistent with her wedding theme, considering the theme is a nod to her engagement on a cruise. As the bridal shower planner, you can also re-purpose the bridal creative brief for the bridal shower.

2. Make the bride’s dream come true. Another great way to stay bride-focused and incorporate something the bride would have liked to feature at her wedding, but didn’t. The article suggests that if the bride wanted an outdoor themed wedding but is now having one indoors, that it would be appropriate to have an outdoor bridal shower. It could also be that venue she wanted for her wedding, but had to do without. It’s a great way to help give the bride exactly what she wants. 
The bride’s sister, niece, and nephew decorated these 

mason jars featuring the bride and groom’s engagement pictures

3. The beauty is in the details. Creating a personalized shower means finding not only the large things, but the small things that make a difference. Make centerpieces that can never be replicated, such as what we did with engagement photos in upside down mason jars. We also had a special banner made for the event and customized napkins counting down the days until the wedding.
Customization shows that you care and that you are squarely focused on the happiness of the bride. It also allows those individuals planning the party to honor the bride on a higher level. Using these three tips will help any Maid of Honor or bridesmaid plan a bridal shower that is entirely focused and personalized for the bride and groom.
What other ways can you customize a bridal shower to show your honor, love, and appreciate for the bride-to-be?

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