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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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3 problems a Pinterest Wedding Registry can solve

Pinterest Wedding Registry: Where the pinning possibilities are limitless

I am uncomfortable with wedding registries. In the past, I’ve tried to be creative, put my best foot forward and find things that I would like to register for. I even created a blog post about how to create an unconventional wedding registry. But my heart was so out of the process, I couldn’t follow up with further info on how to guide business-savvy brides. All I could write about was what not to add to a registry.

So I called on two women in my life who knew which items should be on my registry. I also knew they would make the process fun. We were successful in creating two wedding registries at two different stores. But when I still think about it, I don’t like wedding registries one bit.

There are 3 problems with wedding registries:

  • Problem #1: my crystal ball is foggy. It’s hard to visualize the items I’ll need in my future home when I’m not living there yet.
  • Problem #2: the items available aren’t really what I need. We want a couch and chairs more than we want a blender, but can’t find a store that has reasonably priced, attractive furniture to put onto a registry (I’m still baffled as to why Jordan’s andBob’s doesn’t have wedding registries).
  • Problem #3: its ridiculously tedious. You have to either go into the store or surf a particular website for items. Business-savvy brides have resource constraints (time, primarily) and requiring us to surf on one website or shop in person is not what we do.

Business-savvy brides can solve for these three problems with Pinterest. Pinterest is a bride-to-be’s Mecca for creative wedding and home ideas. And now, brides can use it to create an online wedding registry too. Pinterest doesn’t have a formal wedding registry page, but with a little creativity, you can go far. Check out my Pinterest Wedding Registry to help get you started.

Let’s take a quick swipe at some of the pros and cons of a Pinterest Wedding Registry:

·        It’s really simple. Pinterest is very popular because it allows users to go to any site and pin items of interest, so its easy and fun.
·        You’re not limited to any one website. I really didn’t like the fact that I could only pick items from BB&B or Macy’s, when there are items from other stores that I want. Pinterest allows you to go to any website, pin anything you want to add to your registry, and have it readily available for others to see.
·        It’s already aspirational. This means that although its hard for you to look into your crystal ball, you can pin things that you like or rooms (kitchens, bathrooms, etc) that inspire you. Your guests may be able to find the items at different stores where they shop and get you products from the images you pinned.
·        Guests may not be familiar with the platform. If some of your guests are unfamiliar with Pinterest, they may hesitate to use that as an official registry.
·        Repeat gifts. When purchasing from a store or website, guests can have your wedding registry scanned before purchase to indicate to other guests that they have already purchased the gift. Because Pinterest isn’t a retail site (yet), they do not have the same mechanism in place. However, you can encourage your guests to comment that they bought you the item to help to reduce multiple purchases of the same product.

As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons of creating a Pinterest wedding registry.

What other pros or cons to you see to creating a wedding registry on Pinterest?

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