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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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3 must-haves for your wedding website

It seems like there are an unlimited amount of wedding website platforms that brides-to-be can use to create a customized wedding websites. Options from Wedding Wire, The KnoteWedding, Wedding Jojo, and even Google Weddings provide a bride with more options that she knows what to do with.

Regardless to the platform you are using or if you are designing the website yourself or if a graphically-inclined friend is doing it for you, the first step a bride should take in designing her website is to ask herself if she really needs a wedding website.

If the bride decides that she has a need for a wedding website, there are several key elements to a successful wedding website. Because a business-savvy bride has visited a website or two in her day, she intuitively knows what makes a good website and what makes a bad one. For the sake of being obvious, lets list the three most crucial questions any internet user asks themselves when visiting a website.

#1 Am I in the right place?

Whenever we visit a website, we immediately want to know if we’re visiting the right site. If we’re on a site that is not where we want to be, we are just wasting time.

The wedding website insight: Make it obvious to your guests they are in the right place. Include a picture of you and hubster-to-be along with your names prominently on the homepage.

#2 – What do I learn from this place?

Although some of us are expert web surfers, business-savvy brides need to expedite their website visits; they need to get the information they need and what quickly without having to muddle through poor logic.

The wedding website insight: Mark navigation panels (at left or top of website) clearly with descriptive tabs. Also, include relevant and valuable details for your guests, like acommodations, your registry information, or the address of where your wedding will be held.

#3 – How can I give feedback?

We are in the era of Web 2.0, where users not only get information, but give it as well. Good websites have a clear place to provide feedback to person, people, or company who owns the website.

The wedding website insight: Make it obvious how your guests can contact you by either including a feedback form, an direct place to send an email to the owner of the webpage, or by displaying your phone number or mailing address.

When creating your wedding website, put yourself in your guests shoes and answer these three crucial questions for them. Be sure to make it obvious they are in the right place, make navigation easy, and provide a place for guests to give feedback.

Have a wedding website already? Share it with a hyperlink in the comments below.

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